Xoel López

“Sueños y Pan”,  Xoel López’s 14th album

Xoel López is undoubtedly one of the most representative musical artists of the Iberian-Latin American independent scene. Xoel’s music is defined by the authenticity of its landscapes. Each album is an exercise in creative freedom and at the same time a biographical chapter. Following his discography, we can reconstruct his voyage: journeys, discoveries, encounters, longings, fatherhood and musical influences.


In 2009, Xoel left behind a successful career and half a dozen albums he made under the Deluxe moniker, to cross the Atlantic and start again in Argentina. His mission was to rediscover the feeling of his early career playing in different venues, theatres or festivals with local musicians from San Francisco and New York, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Brazil…


With 2017’s  ‘Dreams and Bread’ (Altafonte under exclusive license from Esmerarte), Xoel López’s third album and 14th in his career, you are overwhelmed with diverse sounds, all collected throughout his extensive musical career spanning a 20 year tireless search for the finest lyrics and sounds. His music oscillates freely between alternative pop-rock, classical folk, Pan American folklore, seventies sounds, Spanish and electric guitars. It’s a perfect mix that can delight each of the five senses.