VI edition of LORCA Awards

Granada Conference Center will be the venue for the VI edition of LORCA Awards, awarded by the Andalusian Association of Scenes Arts on April 11, which will serve as a gateway for the programming of Granada Experience 2018


The Andalusian Association of Scenes Arts (ARESAN) has reached an agreement with Granada Experience for the next edition of the Andalusian Theatre Awards to be held in the capital of La Alhambra. The ceremony will take place on Wednesday April 11 and will inaugurate the GRANADA EXPERIENCE programme which will run until the 15th of the same month. The VI LORCA Awards of the Andalusian Theatre will once again recognise the work of professionals in theatre, dance, children’s theatre, circus, street theatre and flamenco in the Community.


Since ARESAN, which aims to become the Academy of the Scenes Arts of Andalusia, these awards are promoted with the purpose of stimulating and encouraging the talent of the professionals of the Scenes Arts of the Andalusian community, in addition to valuing the presence of the creative work of authors, playwrights, writers and critics as an essential element of cultural expression in Andalusia.


The LORCA Awards of the Andalusian Theatre were created in 2013 thanks to the support of SGAE Foundation, which has collaborated with them since their foundation and have been held, until now, within the Theatre Fair in the South of Palma del Río (Córdoba), in Seville Central Theatre and now in Granada thanks to the collaboration between GRANADA EXPERIENCE and ARESAN.


Twenty categories have been convened: theatre show, dance show, children’s and family show, street and/or circus show, flamenco show, theatrical authoring, adaptation or theatre version, music authorship, choreography, direction, female performer, male performer, female contemporary dance performer, male contemporary dance performer, female flamenco dancer performer, male flamenco dance performer, set design, costume design, costume design. In addition to these awards, there are also the prizes of honour, awarded by the organization itself, and the prize for the revelation show, the dissemination of the scenes arts of Andalusia, the cultural programmer/manager and the book/study on scenes arts in Andalusia, all of them awarded by specific commissions as set out in the Bases of the prizes, published on the ARESAN website (



As president of ARESAN, Javier Paisano, has expressed “his satisfaction for the interest shown by Granada Conference Center and Proexa -organizers of GRANADA EXPERIENCE- for collaborating in the diffusion of the scenic arts by hosting the Lorca Awards Ceremony and we think it is an excellent idea to unite the delivery of the awards with the beginning of Granada Experience that contributes, with its programming and its working days,”.




The theatre show `Luces de Bohemia´, by Teatro Clásico de Sevilla accumulates the highest number of nominations, eleven in total.  `Así que pasen cinco años´, from Atalaya and CDN and `Duelo a muerte del Marqués de Pickman´ from Fundición Producciones get eight. `Lorca, The personal correspondence´ by Histrión Teatro and `Val del Omar sin fin´ by Licaón Teatro, with six. These five shows compete for the award for the best show of 2018.


Playwrights Juan García Larrondo, Alfonso Zurro, Lola Ruiz, Pedro Álvarez-Ossorio, Pablo Díaz, Ricardo Iniesta, Juan Carlos Rubio, Selu Nieto, José Manuel Mudarra; The musicians Jasio Velasco, Luis Navarro, Piñaki Gómez, Anabel Collado, Morten Jespersen and Santi Martínez, and the performers Roberto Quintana, Ana Fernández, Manuel Monteagudo, Carmen Gallardo, Mané Solano, Íñigo Núñez, Alicia Moruno, Avelino Piedad, Alicia Moruno and Gema Matarranz -starring in `Juana La loca. The queen who did not want to reign´, a theatrical work included in the GRANADA EXPERIENCE programming, among the nominees.