The 3 Sisters

This is the story about three sisters from Moscow, who have to move to a provincial town after the death of their mother. A town where absolutely nothing happens is a grave in life for the three sisters who, accustomed to the life in the capital, see their lives passing by, either in leisure, in apathy or in hard work as the only way to end boredom.
This situation allows the Russian author to reflect on the meaning of life. The reason for living. What is the reason for all this suffering? Are we guilty or is there a plan that we do not know that makes us go through all of it?
After 154 years of his birth, we still ask ourselves the same questions today. Anton Chekhov was born in a remote Crimean city. Son of a religious man who abused his family, he knew about the human soul suffering. More than a century and a half later we are still at the same
point. This theatre adaptation starts from the idea of human inability to evolve about the awareness we have of ourselves. Love as a source of great suffering, on the one hand makes us be alive and on the other makes us miserable. As much as we try, it seems that we cannot leave the same situations, the same neuroses. We are locked in a loop. Places change, times change, our society changes, but we continue at the same point. Therefore, this story this story takes place in a bare stage. It is an empty space, it is nowhere.
CAST:  Ana Fernández, Raquel Pérez, Silvia Marty, Emilio Buale, Carles Francino, Fernando Albizu, David González, Sabrina Praga, Antonio Vico y Chema Trujillo
Producer: Mano a Mano
Text: Anton Chekhov
Version and direction: Raúl Tejón
Scenography: David Pizarro