What comes before, creativity or intention? John born in Weymouth (United Kingdom), Smile singer and composer, he had so clear that with this new album “Happy Accidents” he wanted to evolve into a more contemporary sound, according with the artistic development of the band.

Since Smile beginnings, they are also Ferdy Martinez Breton, bass player and exleader of garage band Gravestones, and Javi Gonzalez, drummer and exmember of Little Fish, indispensably band on 90s Bilbao scene. Among the three members, they produce their albums democratically, they all contribute their opinion and take creative decisions. John composes but often it is Ferdy, soul of the band, who has the last word. They decided to contribute something new to their music. And for that they received the producer Antonio Garamendi whose collaboration has been reflected in the replacement of rock guitars and folk rhythm, which marked their previous albums, by electronic sounds, programmings and an overflowing energy in their more dance pieces.