Sara Baras “Sombras”

Internationally renowned dancer and artist Sara Baras brings her new work ‘Sombras’ to Granada Experience for the first time. Once again Baras reaches for the sky with her unmistakable moves full of power and grace. Her performance carries the gravitas of her reputation and the self-assuredness of having discovered that there are no impossible goals when the progress we make is in constant evolution. Baras brings to the arts world a new dynamic style of choreography, a new magic and unique mise-en-scène. She continues to reinvent traditional Flamenco and take us on a thoroughly modern journey, Baras will carry us to the other side with her heart on our sleeves.

In ‘Sombras’ (translated as ‘Shadows’), Baras proposes a trip across time, colours, silence and the daily bustle, summoning the crowd and the loneliness, the light and shade that we all experience in life. Those shadows that chase and accompany us will never cease to astonish or surprise us. ‘Sombras’ is an enlightening tour where Sara Baras’ masterful steps invite us to identify with everything in her path – and together we will glimpse new spaces unmistakably spawned from the soul.

The ‘Sombras’ work is borne from the immense shade of the “farruca”, a light form typical of cante chico, and is traditionally danced only by men. Such shadows have accompanied Baras, growing with her, often confusing the projection and the projected. Baras will transport the audience to new places and experiences, to welcome them to accompany her in a thrilling emotional adventure, to become one with the guitar notes and the caresses of cajón, to get carried away after the “quejíos” of voices and to hold on tightly to the flickering flights of the flamenco dresses.

Shout to the light that the shadow will silence you, whisper to the sun that the shadow will exclaim your prayer and your sigh.