Intimate Pleasures

After the cremation ceremony of their recently deceased mother, two brothers meet with their respective wives at the home of one of them. This mother, through an urn that keeps her ashes, will be present throughout the night, as a silent witness, of the dialogues, discussions and confrontations of the two couples and the brothers. Nattvarden; is the original title of this work by the Swedish author Lars Norén, who has never been represented in Spain.

Nattvarden; is a straightforward view of relationships, the darkest and most violent aspects, with a corrosive and ferocious humor. We could say that it is a type of theater with obvious precedents: Bergman, Fassbinder, Cassavettes…


The author places a magnifying glass on the world of the couple to show us the most obscene and crude details, so that we can see from the elastic of the worn underwear to a point that has been released in the jersey, that small spot, that drop of sweat, that acid smell, that rottenness of the human being. All this will begin with a tiny detail capable to start a war.
We can see into the foreground what we are, who we are, so this may seem grotesque, ridiculous, uncomfortable, even extravagant, but without a doubt it is also fascinating, seductive and fun. All the beautiful and the deformed things at the same moment.


Violence, sexuality, desire, need, love, obsession, disappointments, sadness, anger, fear, loss, mourning … everything, death, the end. The end is precisely the starting point of this function: the death of a mother, the moment when two middle-aged brothers are orphaned by losing that mother. It is the trigger for an uncomfortable, painful, unsustainable, brutal and strangely funny, perversely funny situation too. Nattvarden is a path we must take.


CAST: Toni Acosta, Cristina Alcázar, Francisco Boira y Javi Coll.

Author: Lars Norén
Version and Direction: José Martret
Cast: Toni Acosta, Cristina Alcázar, Francisco Boira and Javi Coll
Sound Space: Luis Ivars
Scenic Area: Isis de Coura
Lighting: Pedro Vera
Costume: Berta Graset.