OSCAR, the sleeping child

Coma: State in which a person falls asleep deeply and you feel no tickle, no hunger nor cold, and you do not want to scratch your navel.

This is the story of Óscar, a child who was immersed in a long and deep sleep.
A comatose sleep that led him to be dreaming for nine months, days and nights, weeks and months, minutes and hours without being able to move.
A goodnight coma in which his parents spent all their time to remind him the stories they had read him at the foot of his bed since he was very young, before turning off the light and receiving the kiss of sleep.
Her younger sister did not understand if that coma was like summer naps after eating a piece of watermelon, or playing blind hen and that’s why he did not move …
But a voice in Oscar’s ear told him that he had to wake up and run again and play with his sister Lucia. And to stop telling himself half-baked stories, and to go to school with his friends, to play basketball as he did from Monday to Friday every afternoon even in winter.
After nine months of sleep, a cold winter morning, something extraordinary happened… and Oscar first opened one eye, and then both of them, he yawned and woke up…

But Óscar did not remember how to speak or write and how to walk…

This work is dedicated to all those who have awakened and those who will wake up.


2016 LORCA AWARDS NOMINATED For the best Children’s Show.

XX Edition MAX AWARDS of the Performing Art

FINALIST to the best children or family’s show.