Nat Simons

Nat Simons, spanish singer and composer, is today one of the greatest references of American music in Spain. Nat Simons began her career thanks to Bob Dylan, who inspired her in her early compositions. In these years of career Nat Simons has continued to evolve and her sound is closer to contemporary artists such as Ryan Adams, Nikki Lane, Israel Nash, First Aid Kit or Brandi Carlile. Her latest recording in North Carolina has been produced by Gary Louris (leader of the Jayhawks) and with an exceptional band behind him (Hiss Golden Messenger) among other musicians such as Django Haskins on guitar (The Old ceremony, Au Pair), Greg Readling on pedal steel (Chatham Country line) or Gary Louris on guitar and vocals.


Nat Simons, after her debut album ”Home on high” (2014) and her EP ”Trouble man” (2015), both works with wide acceptance by critics and audiences, was recognized as ”Best Spanish Artist” by listeners of radio program Toma Uno of Radio 3, a program specializing in American music. In addition, “Home on high” has been distinguished among the best records of 2014 and her single “Another coffee and cigarette day” has already surpassed the figure of 2 million and a half plays in Spotify.


These awards have led her to work on such interesting projects as the BSO of Victor Matellano’s latest film “Stop Over in Hell” (2017) and to compose several themes for the artist and curator Miguel Ángel Blanco’s exhibition “La ilusión del Lejano Oeste” (The illusion of the Far West) for the Thyssen Museum in Madrid.

After sharing a poster with artists of the stature of Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell in Riaza (Segovia) at the Huercasa Country Festival, Nat Simons travelled to Barcelona to open The Jayhawks concert in the Barts hall. It was there where Gary Louris discovered Nat Simons and later proposed to travel to the USA to record her latest album. She in turn was at the perfect moment where she sought to broaden horizons and experiment in sound. This journey, which according to her ”changed her life”, has given rise to an album ”Lights” that promises to be the definitive step in the career and style of Nat Simons.