Medusa Box

Medusa Box is born in La Bisbal d’ Empordà in 2011 with Enric Mont and Jordi Bosch, expanding their training in the following years with a drummer, Nil Bribian, a pianist, Adrià Bravo, and a guitarist, Emili Bosch.

With references ranging from The Racounteurs to Radiohead passing by Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Kasabian among many others, the songs come out quickly and navigate between the different facets of the indie-rock capturing the different emotions that Enric perceives in his day every day.

Their first demo, “Last Idiot Kids” (Auto edited, 2013) reflects the first flashes of a band with a lot of energy. A year later they return to the studio to record their first album “Pay for it” that released in July 2015 and gives them the opportunity to project their music all over the peninsula and win contests such as Lolatownfest, Intro and Saberfest.

Medusa Box currently presents their second album “Nothing behind all of these masks”, a cold album, drunken and sexual, which talks about the interaction between people overnight in Tallinn.

Their last work was presented in the past November at the Moby Dick Club in Madrid andin the Sidecar hall in Barcelona, starting a tour that’s taking them to the four points of the peninsula and also outside the country.