Los Labios

Los Labios are undoubtedly one of the rock and roll bands with major projection for going out of the European borders.

With a mixture of groove, hard blues, punk-rock, and the essential miscegenation for rock and roll with own identity, this band Hispanic – Britisher captivated to Lenny Kravitz in one of their concerts in 2016, who without doubting opened his private study in Bahamas in order that they could record the one that was their firstly long duration. The album, published on March 2017, named “Birthday”, was recorded and produced by Craig Ross (Mick Jagger, The Black Crowes, Eric Clapton…), main guitarist and Kravitz’s right-hand man, as well as co-author of many of his big successes songs, like “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, “Is There Any Love in your Heart” or “Stillness of Heart” among others.

Before, promoting their first auto-published EP, Los Labios already had crossed great part of the Spanish geography in repeated occasions triumphing with their killers shows, while they continue conquering parallel the American territory thanks to two intense tours that included destinations like Mexico, Colombia, The Bahamas, Texas, Florida and California, where last May they succeeded stages as emblematic as the mythical concert venue “Whiskey to Go Go” in LA, wherefrom there went emerged bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Doors, Ramones, Oasis or Guns’n’Roses, among others.

Already in Spain and after the great reception from another side of Atlantic Ocean, Los Labios have been rewarded as “Better direct” and “Better Band Revelation” in 2015, and they were shortlisted for “Goya Awards 2017” in the category of “Better Original Song” by “Birthday”, main song of the sounstrack of the movie ‘Maldita Venganza’.