Juana, the queen who did not want to reign

Juana, the queen who did not want to reign, is the imagined, exciting testimony of Juana I de Castilla, better known as Juana la loca. Daughter of the Catholic Kings, was married as a teenager against his will and then locked up for 46 years by the only madness of being a woman before he reigns and defend love over power.

Gema Matarranz puts voice and body to a Juana that searches between the memory and the desperation to understand a life imposed by the needs of a State. The torn cry of the one who survived those who wove his madness. Histrión is one of the most veteran professional theater companies located in Granada (Spain), a national reference in both classic and contemporary text theater. Active since 1994, he has produced 17 shows and has received numerous awards and mentions, including the one Best Show on Tour 2010 of the International Fair of Performing Arts of Aragon for “The wonderful world of animals: The Lambs”, a show that marked a change in his career and that led him by the international Daniel Veronese to a theater more intimate and social.
DISTRIBUTION: Gema Matarranz and Enrique Torres
Design and lighting: Juan Felipe Tomatierra
Scenography: Álvaro Gómez Candela
Costume: M. Canto
Original Music: I. Almendral
Address: J.D. gentleman
Produce: HISTORY Theater
Distribution: Nines Carrascal