Show business day. 360º Vision


Through short talks of 20 to 30 minutes each speaker will present the basic ideas that will draw the general picture of the sector, with its difficulties and challenges for the future.


  • What the law requires. Jesús Rodríguez Garvayo, Head of the Specialized Unit for Occupational Health and Safety of the INSPECTION OF LABOUR AND SOCIAL SECURITY.
  • The vision of the promoter. Producer (PTE). Miguel Astorga Hermida. Jefe de Produccion de Monkey Week.
  • Documentation to be safe. (Jorge Gutiérrez Murcia. Dir. Manager of PROJECT 76).
  • Assembly of structures. (Ramón Montoro, Commercial Director of ALQUISUR Eventos)
  • Trends and safe designs. Gonzalo Rizo, Delegado Andalucía de LAYHER, S.A.).