Carlos Cano tours

Carlos Cano TOURS again, because his words made songs continue his journey; and TOURS twice because we dare to turn them around and put them in new voices that bring a different meaning, but precisely because of it, interesting. Carlos Cano’s songs are made to express feelings and with this opportunity to hear them in other voices they acquire a new dimension.

After the successes of the Concerts Tribute Carlos Cano, the Carlos Cano Memory Asociation, in collaboration with Carlos Cano Productions y Música es Amor, presents the show “GIRANDO con CARLOS CANO”, which will inaugurate GRANADA EXPERIENCE at the Isabel la Católica Theatre on the 11th of April at 21:00 h, and will later visit theatres and auditoriums of the main Spanish cities.

The repertoire proposes an exhaustive exhibition of the Granada artist’s songbook, in which the themes of vindication are interspersed with others in which poetry takes on greater relevance, understanding, as Carlos did, this proposal as a necessary tool for transformation and cultural and social denunciation.

It is a proposal open to two eras and multiple musical languages, which from the Andalusian musical tradition, such as copla or flamenco, enters into Latin American musical culture. Thus, habaneras, tangos or fados by Carlos Cano, music and poetry, come to life in the voices of Aitor Velázquez (Hora Zulú), Antonio Lizana, Esperanza Fernández, Juan Pinilla, Luis Pastor or Raúl Alcover, and transport us along with this shared heritage to their respective places of origin.

From these bases, the creative work in the musical direction of Alberto Miras and the artistic contributions add elements from his career that were not found in the original material.

Backed by an elegant scenography and with the brilliance of some very careful audiovisual elements, delicate and emphatic interpretations submerge us in a geography of places, rhythms… and especially emotions.