Five hours with Mario

The scene takes places in March 1966. Carmen Sotillo has just lost her husband Mario unexpectedly. Once the visitors and the family have gone, she is alone watching over her husband´s corpse on the last night and she begins a monologue-dialogue with him in which we discover their personalities and the problems in her marriage.
Carmen Sotillo tells her life with a faltering voice, describing the very details, in a repetitive and full of topics way; she expresses her feelings and makes judgments that many people may find hard to believe nowadays. But we certify this language existed, those judgments were issued and those “Carmen’s things” belonged to everyday life.

Five hours with Mario is, among many other things, a “living document” of those years. Economic, religious, political, sexual and moral concerns that Miguel Delibes, the author, through the protagonist, portrayed, so life in Spain of his day becomes to alive in his words. But, above all this, “Five hours with Mario” is about the eternal matters of the human being: guilt, loneliness, of miscommunication, the meaning of life.


Cast: Lola Herrera

Artistic and Technical Staff
Author: Miguel Delibes
Adaptation: Miguel Delibes, Josefina Molina and José Sámano
Furniture and atrezzo: Mateos/Sabre
Upholstery: Emilio Ardura
Maintenance of props: Javier Pastrana
Recording studio sound space: Pullpush
Speaker’s voice: Julio López
Photography and video: Daniel Dicenta

Graphic design: David Sueiro
Press and communication: Nico García
Lighting / sound technician: Manuel Maldonado
Stage manager: Carlos Aparicio
Hairdresser: Gema Moreno
Production secretary: Pilar Velasco
Lighting design: Manuel Maldonado
Music: Luis Eduardo Aute
Sound space: Mariano Díaz
Scenic space: Rafael Palmero
Production manager: Nur Al Levi
Distribution: Pentación Espectáculos
Producers: José Sámano and Jesús Cimarro
Produced by: Sabre Producciones and Pentación Espectáculos