EME DJ meeting

Marta Fierro, better known as Eme DJ, is one of the DJs with a more renowned career in the indie-electro-pop scene and on the main dance floors throughout Spain. She has played in the most important festivals such as FIB Benicássim, Sónar Galicia, MTV Europe Music Awards, Sonorama or SOS 4.8, among many others.

She has been voted Best DJ of the year by Rockdelux in 2010, 2011 and 2014. She has played with DJs like David Guetta, Juanjo Martín or Wally López, in front of many thousands of people. She has also performed for international groups such as Air, Arcade Fire or Goldfrapp.

She is making more and more remixes, such as those recorded by Javiera Mena from Chile or from national bands such as Love of Lesbian, Zahara, Russian Red, Autumn Comets, The Baltic Sea or Luis Brea.

Hyperactive, as you can see, is also an official DJ of the Adidas brand. She has written the book “Mama quiero ser DJ” (Lee/me Libros, 2015). She teaches subjects such as DJ production, industry or psychology.

Now she is a radio host in Loca FM together with DJ Tango in “La Isla”.“The new generation of sound selectors that from indie have been able to evolve more than adequately towards the emerging and contemporary electronics has in Eme DJ one of its main, refreshing and consolidated exponents. If there is a global style to which it can be attached today, that would be provocative, addictive and stimulating electronics… In their always feminine and original sets, the most unusual electric rhythms stand out -indietronics, new wave disko, nu-disco, dreamwave, etc. -, without forgetting the background pop that has for years based its charismatic and eclectic presence in the ****pit”, Clubbingspain.

Eme DJ, 10 years of playing: https://youtu.be/w6wc-_KUHJA