It is well known that the spotlights of media attention rarely illuminate true talent. Also, not the one who makes more noise has more to say. Ángel Doblas, alma mater of this project, has been a fundamental part of the musical history of this country, opening paths later travelled by others with greater recognition. Founder and composer of the inaugural band of the punk band from Granada, the legendary TNT, bass player in some of the best albums -and tours- of the now revered 091, generator of futuristic visions in Quäsar, many times his musical wisdom has been in the shadow of surnames that sound more than his, and we are not going to give names, which it’s not appropriate. But the truth is that Angel is a multifaceted artist endowed with innate compositional talent, voracious assimilator of sounds and lyrics sometimes ahead of his time, endowed with multi-instrumentalist, scriptwriter and main actor of his original videos, and ultimately responsible for all that carries his identifiable signature.


After two albums under the name of Doblas, “¿Hay alguien ahí?” published by the Almeria´s label Clifford Records, shows us his best artistic moment, providing a new songbook that starts from the classic legacy of rock, coupled with a vision and treatment of marked futuristic style, often dark, realistically close to the chaotic context of these times that we have lived. Those of us who have known him for a long time know of his reverential love for great names, Chris Spedding, David Bowie, Status Quo or Johnny Cash are some of them. But it is useless to look for obvious traces of these references in Doblas´ songs, which makes a filter debugging to keep the essence of these great names, avoiding easy imitation. Thus, the dark energy released by “Huellas” seems to me to be in debt in its spirit of the very last Bowie, while subjects as saturated with electricity as “No Hay Tiempo” exemplify the artist’s vision of what the rock and roll of the 21st century should be. It is impossible to remain indifferent in front of that insurmountable wall of sound, a veritable r&r’s progress that responds to the name “La Isla de los olvidados”, which contrasts with the subtlety of “Bicicletas azules y elefantes en Berlín”, even more so with the groove headed by a few rubbery bass lines of “Hotel Los Angeles”, the theme with more feeling of his latest work. I can’t, nor should I, finish this brief review of the new songbook without mentioning the intricate lyrics provided by “Me hice árbol”, a desperate and sincere reminder of the environmental mistreatment which the human race submits to its surroundings, without falling into the panfleet proclaim so close to this theme.


Nothing further from my purpose is to crumble each and every one of the new themes of this “¿Hay alguien ahí?” I do demand and invite a serene listener who I am sure will surprise both his old followers and those who come for the first time to his proposal, which I sincerely believe is unparalleled in the national music scene.


Writer for Route 66 and Sonic Wave Magazine