Carmen Boza

Carmen Boza broke into the musical scene making a triple overhead from social networks to stages through a crowdfunding platform. But Boza´s leap of faith comes with her new songs, honest, consciously imperfects, with the appeal that only is possible to find in the singularity.
With “Modern Life”  Carmen Boza begins a new phase returning to those beginnings when she was publishing her songs on Youtube, using her social networks as unique loudspeaker. After some years editing songs hereby, touring all over the country, and with a crowdfunding that collected 12.000 € in 8 hours, born her first LP “The mansion of the mirrors”  (Warner Music, 2015). Now, with “Modern Life” , first song of many that will be on her social networks in next weeks, Boza returns to autoedition and “Modern Life” has already accumulated more than 65.000 visualizations in less than two months. Now also it is possible to listen to the second song that continues with this new phase, “Splinters”, available in her youtube´s profile and social networks.