Ajo & Judit Farrés. Cultivando brevedades

AJO  offers us in her microshows poetic moments where she makes short stories, “I sell small agendas for people have few friends”, Chinese micropoems, microproblems, long-term rhymes or pseudobiographies because, as she says, “do not pull my memory because I am a punk and my crest is on my tongue. “
During the last five years she has focused on her poetic activity, she has performed her micropoetry in several scenarios in our country and abroad, in sities as Berlin, New York, Sao Paulo or Mexico with musicians as Nacho Mastretta , Corcobado, Tsukiko Amakawa, Paco Soto lvars, Julieta Venegas, Javier Colis, Don Simón and Telefunken or Judit Farrés, who lead AJO’s poems, giving us an unique performance.
Her proposal on stage has represented a turning point in the current poetry, so she has taken part in the most important festivals sold out tickets in most of her microshows.
Ajo and Judit Farrés’ show is as wonderfull as watching the dance of two birds in the air. The poems of one flutter aorund the music of the other and vice versa, they chase each other and meet each other, they separate and look for each other and, when you least expect it, they give you a sting that leaves you trembling with laughter or tenderness or both.

Javier Gallego “Crudo”