Masterclass: Ainara LeGardon “Creativity, inspiration and improvisation workshop”.

Creativity, inspiration and improvisation workshop.
Program- synopsis:

This workshop will be a tour around some techniques, examples and tips for the promotion and use of creativity and work motivation, with different ways of dealing with creative processes and strengthen them. How can we optimize our resources and use improvisation as a tool for creation.

Duration: 3 hours.
Aimed at creators, artists, cultural managers.
Ainara LeGardon has combined the independent rock scene –she has recorded five albums with a great acceptance- and her work in the field of sound experimentation; the career of Ainara LeGardon (Bilbao, 1976) is the logical consequence of an intense process of personal and artistic evolution, spanning the last two decades.
Accompanying her songs with a rhythm section, in her solo improvisations, or through proposals such as Archipiel, La Criatura or the maDam collective, Ainara tries to provoke new sound encounters and to strip music of accessories, to release her expressive potential. That austerity allows her to handle the intensity in a very sensitive manner and to model the silence, filling it with intentions. It is not always necessary to make a song when we have all the possible sounds.

Ainara offers a trip in real time, where the road is herself and the landscape is born of the precarious balance between light and shadow, strength and fragility, fear and truth. Body and instinctive get connected to evoke all the worlds and emotions that we can find, intimate and imaginary, particular and universal.
At the same time, her teaching work in the field of Cultural Management and Intellectual Property and her commitment to independence have made Ainara LeGardon a reference artist in continuous evolution.
Price: 20€